You will take one of two courses while in France:


“International Business in France” (3 cr.)

This Course provides a thorough grounding in a range of international business subjects. The objective of the course is to build knowledge and skills for successfully conducting business in France and the European Union. Students will develop an understanding of the specific Business environment in France and the E.U. by examining E.U. and French law through lectures and case-studies. Students will learn about organizational and cultural differences between the U.S. and European businesses while gaining insight into common business practices. This course meets on Fridays.



"Introduction to French Civilization" (3 cr.)


This course is intended to give students an overview of modern French civilization with a special emphasis on Lyon. It will serve as a general introduction to French history and culture. We will cover a period roughly beginning with the French Revolution (1789) and culminate with contemporary debates about migration and national identity. We will examine key cultural objects from art, literature, and popular culture as well as political and historical movements that have helped to shape French civilization. This course is ideal for students interested in engaging with issues, debates and problems that have faced the French nation in the modern era. Its main goal is to help students understand, analyze and communicate the complex interplay that exists between art and culture on one hand and society and politics on the other. This course meets on Fridays.



This international internship program will help you gain valuable professional experience while being immersed in the vibrant culture of Lyon. In addition to earning up to three academic credits, make professional connections and apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. You will improve your cross-cultural communication skills and gain the flexibility, confidence and independence needed to navigate a foreign culture. You will acquire international work experience through an internship designed to complement your academic studies. These things count to future employers!


You will devise a work schedule with your internship sponsor that meets the requirements established by your university and academic department. Many full-time internships will take place Monday-Thursday during regular business hours; however, some internships, especially cultural and hospitality management internships, may require a more flexible schedule.


Typically internships will begin to arrive in the spring months. Interested students must complete a program application in order to have access to internship postings, which includes paying a non-refundable application fee. Students with completed applications will have access to internship offers. In order to apply for an internship (1) you will send a resume and a short cover letter (in English or French) which we will pass along to our internship coordinator and interested business. Some companies may require additional information such as a video resume or Skype interview. Positions vary depending on student qualifications, their linguistic ability, and availability. While we have larger corporate partners, our philosophy is to concentrate on internships in small and medium sized companies, as we believe that this environment will allow our interns’ work to have the most impact while cultivating the intern-mentor relationship.

For application deadlines and more information about the process of internship attribution see our Application Page.

Examples of Previous Internship Positions In the Words of the Interns:

Bourbon Subsea Services

A subsidiary of Bourbon Offshore, Subsea Services handles complex engineering projects in addition to the supervision and management of subsea operations for the support to the development of offshore oil & gas fields & wind farms.

My study abroad in France was a once in a lifetime opportunity to combine my fields of study: French language and culture, and engineering. My internship at a local sub-sea infrastructure firm gave me a great introduction to French work culture and the field of international engineering. My projects included developing formulas and documents used to calculate certain parameters, solve for variables, and analyze data. It was a really neat position that let me get hands on experience in my field. The class I took also perfectly intersected with my interests and allowed for a variety of awesome excursions and memorable trips. It was a fantastic summer!

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Tissues d'Elodie

Tissues d'Elodie is a creative company and workshop that offers a variety of textile solutions to fashion and related industries.

Working at my internship allowed me to grow in many areas. Besides building my team working skills, I also got more practice with sewing and pattern-making, in addition to practice with small business marketing. I created a marketing plan for the business, drafted patterns and created custom clothing orders. Working in a small business outside the US has been very beneficial in that it has given me a broader perspective on entrepreneurship that I can use once I start up my own businesses.

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Sciences-U is a private institution of higher education offering post-secondary training and degrees equivalent to the Bachelors and Masters degrees.

As a Control Management Accounting intern at Sciences-U Lyon, I created various reports consisting of profit ratios, budget variance, and average costs. The coworkers and staff treated me like family and made me feel at home. Through my internship, I was able to gain insight into the skills and competencies required to have a global career working abroad.

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Your Little CM

Your Little CM is a community manager start up that manages an organization, a company, a brand or a person’s presence on social networks.

Through my internship at Your Little Community Manager, I learned and practiced the principles of digital marketing. It was fascinating to work in an international environment and challenge myself this way. I worked directly with a client and helped them improve their digital presence on their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The relationships I made with my boss, my co-worker, and my client are something I will never forget!

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CIC Bank

Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC) is a financial institution that offers personal banking services and loans to small businesses and individual consumers. In recent years the company has enlarged its palette of services and has entered the telecommunications market by offering cellphones and plans at its local branches. The company has over 24,000 employees and nearly 2000 branches throughout France.

As a wealth management intern for CIC banking (Credit Industriel et Commercial), I will be participating in tasks that will be assisting directly with financial consultants and advisers. My tasks will be supporting the financial consultants by aiding them with managing clients’ assets. I will also be assisting the full time representatives by researching better and more efficient investment vehicles for our clients.

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Service Electronic Aviation Marine (SEAM Avionics)

SEAM Avionics repairs and installs avionics equipment. The company deals with everything inside the cockpit, GPS, radio, altitude and headphone equipment. They are authorized service and repair technicians for several prominent companies that make or sell avionics equipment. In addition, SEAM sells flight logs, headphones, pilot watches, handheld GPSs and other equipment that pilots need.

In the words of the Intern:

The main thing that I do is help the electrical technicians. I would say I am an assistant to them, I clean things, get tools for them, strip wires, help test circuits, drill holes in things, and give a helping hand. Sometimes I help with more administrative things by translating things from English to French to be put on their website or translate English emails they received to help explain what their clients want. I have also done odd jobs around the company such as labeling files, replacing an antenna and moving airplanes around the airport.

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AMSCAS Roller sports

Translated as the Mediterranean Association for Artistic and Sport Cultural Development, AMSCAS is a non-profit organization that promotes roller sports. Notably, they also organize national and international roller events including the Pro Bowl Contest, the French Cup of Junior RollerSoccer, and several freestyle events. Through their social action, AMSCAS has brought rollerblading to underprivileged communities in Marseille.  The organization hosts professional roller sports events and provides services such as skate park consultations, judging and referees, graffiti, photo and video editing, and extreme sports demonstrations.

In the words of the Interns:

I reviewed the company's website and social media profiles and compared them to similar companies. I have been using this information to try to improve their social media presence and navigation of their web page. I am also trying to find potential sponsors for upcoming events.

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The internship consists of translating websites and documents from French to English, developing international communication within the company, developing proposals on existing social media networks, and [developing] a marketing brochure of the activities and event services of the association for next year.

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Here are some examples of events that we are currently planning for 2020:

In Paris:

  • Visits to iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Latin Quarter, the Louvre, Montmartre, and Sacré Cœur

  • Evening boat ride on the Seine

  • Off the beaten path activities such as a guided walking tour of gastronomic Paris

In and around Lyon:

  • Guided tour of the beautiful "Vieux Lyon," a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Discover the real Lyon in a "locals only" eatery

  • Cultural events such as la Fête de la Musique and museum visits

  • Gastronomic events: wine and food tastings

  • Evening networking events at local establishments

  • Final night banquet

Weekend excursion to the South of France:

  • Visit the papal city of Avignon.

  • Excursion to Cassis, visit this typical fishing village.

  • Boat trip to the natural preserve of Les Calanques on the Mediterranean Sea.