You will take one of two courses while in France:


“International Business in France” (3 cr.)

This Course provides a thorough grounding in a range of international business subjects. The objective of the course is to build knowledge and skills for successfully conducting business in France and the European Union. Students will develop an understanding of the specific Business environment in France and the E.U. by examining E.U. and French law through lectures and case-studies. Students will learn about organizational and cultural differences between the U.S. and European businesses while gaining insight into common business practices. This course meets on Fridays.



"Introduction to French Civilization" (3 cr.)


This course is intended to give students an overview of modern French civilization with a special emphasis on Lyon. It will serve as a general introduction to French history and culture. We will cover a period roughly beginning with the French Revolution (1789) and culminate with contemporary debates about migration and national identity. We will examine key cultural objects from art, literature, and popular culture as well as political and historical movements that have helped to shape French civilization. This course is ideal for students interested in engaging with issues, debates and problems that have faced the French nation in the modern era. Its main goal is to help students understand, analyze and communicate the complex interplay that exists between art and culture on one hand and society and politics on the other. This course meets on Fridays.



This international internship program will help you gain valuable professional experience while being immersed in the vibrant culture of Lyon. In addition to earning up to three academic credits, make professional connections and apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. You will improve your cross-cultural communication skills and gain the flexibility, confidence and independence needed to navigate a foreign culture. You will acquire international work experience through an internship designed to complement your academic studies. These things count to future employers!


You will devise a work schedule with your internship sponsor that meets the requirements established by your university and academic department. Many full-time internships will take place Monday-Thursday during regular business hours; however, some internships, especially cultural a